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How can I make free recovery of files that are deleted ?

The easy steps below helps you to recover your deleted file easily.

  • Download & install the free edition of Waredot’s software RescueData.
  • Make a selection of the drive that you want to recover
  • The scanning begins and it list you all the files that could be recovered.
  • Select the files of your choice for the recovery to begin.
  • Click on recovery
  •  You even get an option of recovering the files to same drive again.

Can a particular file of my choice be recovered using this software?

Yes, the magical software gives you this option where you can make a choice for your recovery. Select the files by right clicking and let the scanning be done. Click on the button of recovery after that.

What is the meaning of intense deep scanning & its advantages?

Deep scanning attribute is based on when searches are made on the basis of file signature. Our software conducts a thorough-scanning for recovering of lost data, example: in cases of formatting. It is used to scan the files that are in the complicated situations for making the recovery possible.

Is any technical-support there for me while using this software?

We are here to provide you the technical support for 24 hours and seven days of the week.

What size of data can I recover with RescueData recovery?

We give you to recovery data with unlimited option.

What users really think about RescueData?

Tom Davis

San Francisco, California

Great software and very good support service. I was facing some problem with the software but the support team fixed and recovered 90% of my data. Not bad.
Eddie Acuna

Austin, Texas

Technician was very helpful and patient with me. I was having trouble activating my software. Mr. Kumar provided me with the correct License and also waited until I was able to activate the software and was satisfied with the results.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

It's very helpful and easy to handle. I am thankful to you by giving such a superb software thanks a lot. Recovered almost all my data.
Jorge Gonzalez

Perth, Australia

Bought the software and the registration key was incorrect. After contacting the support office, they were able to provide the correct key and I am very happy now. The software works as it should. A very pleased customer.
Dr. Richard E. Pentecost

Bristol, United Kingdom

I was trying to recover data from 14TB hard drive and the software recovered almost 90% of the data. This is a great tool but very slow. Please see if you can make the process faster.

Belfast, Ireland

I had a hard drive malfunction and called Waredot to see how I could recover my data. Technician walked me through ordering the software and using it. I was able to recover the files I needed. Thank You.

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