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We are here to make your technical world easier than ever before

We love Technology! We live to make your technological environment simplified & trouble-free. Waredot is established to make your life easier with our designs, developments of software, applications & solutions for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.

Our mission

To intensify the customer business prosperity, creating value for money & reliability.

Our goals

Customer success is our success. We ensure high performance; friendly-services; detailed check for zero mistakes or zero-repents.

Our objective

Consistent, innovative, passionate team for being responsible, available for the customers. Produce simplified-friendly software & easy-solution for their gratification & use.

Our Story

We Create Simplified, Visionary-innovative Software, Applications & Solutions.

Our team works with a broad imaginations just like a child, always have a tour of imaginations in mind. To produce:

  • An unique, an interesting creation & solution that
  • Can be used effortlessly by our clients
  • Fulfill the needs and
  • Stands as a value for money.

We are Responsible and Work to Earn your Gratification

Waredot forges application, software & solutions with a huge magnitude of passionate teamwork. We take immense responsibility of every detail for creating, designing, developing, sketching disaster recovery plans, determining best customized solutions, 100% data recovery, aiming for complete customer gratification and use.

Our inbuilt values



We create software with a moto “MAKES LIFE EASY”.



We sketch, keeping you in our mind.



We compare our today for your better tomorrow.



You are the air we breath. Your future equals ours.



We involve loyalty, fairness, sincerity in creating passion.



Actively engaged with our customers, partners, employees.

Easy technological experience

Now your experience in the technological environment is as easy as breathing. As our innovations, designs, passion join hands together to make everything simplified & unclouded that is the blue skies for the users.

The imaginative folks

Here’s how our Waredot globe folks think and achieve.

Where Have We Been Mentioned?

Some of the world’s leading tech publications.

Our Office

We like Strangers. Get in touch with us.


26 Broadway, Suite 934
New York, NY 10004


Pazarska Str. 13, Stara Zagora
6000, Bulgaria


Office 415, Shevchenko boulevard
205, Cherkasy, 18000, Ukraine

Success stories

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

“Most reliable data recovery service. RescueData is one of the most reliable data recovery service I have experienced. If there software cannot recovery the data, their experts will definitely do it.”


Chicken Pic Resturent

“I am a pro bird photographer and accidentally left my camera on while switching lenses and ended up with a corrupt card. I thought I had lost all of the images but all were recovered easily. Thank You.”

Thuan Dual


“The printing is so easy with this tool. It allows printing from any of the printer I have, without a trouble. Awesome app!!!!”

Anne Green

Bristol, UK

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