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Some faqs that may rise in your mind are listed here.

We are here to provide you the technical support for 24 hours and seven days of the week.
Yes, you can! If you prefer to have your bill arrive at a certain time of month, we’re happy to accommodate.

You can claim a discount if you’re:

  • An owner of any paid Waredot product license;
  • A student or educator;
  • An owner of a coupon code.
Yes, but in free trial version you can scan all or selected drive and preview the recovered files on the RescueData preview panel only.
In one-time purchase, you need to pay once but this option include only minor software updates. All major once are paid. In subscription purchase you will receive major and minor updates for free.
Yes, the subscription is renewed automatically. If there are no funds available, the subscription will suspended. In this case, we’ll also send you a reminder in your registered email.
You have to cancel your subscription and then buy a permanent license.
After you purchase RescueData or any Waredot Software, we send you an activation code in an email. If you don’t have it, use our License Management system.
If you’d like to use your activated license of RescueData on another PC, you need to cancel or reset your activation first. Then, you can install and activate RescueData on your new computer. If you face any problem you can always call to our Support Team.

Yes, you can. For more details, please refer to our Refund Policy. However, please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you before you go. We’d also ask you to share any feedback on Waredot Software with our Customer Support. Be sure, that’ll help us improve Waredot Software for you and other users.

If you have the App version of RescueData or any Waredot app, please refer to Google Play and App Store refund policy.

If you purchased Waredot Software from the Waredot Store and now want to cancel your subscription, open the Waredot Subscription Manager and log in with the email you used to pay for the subscription. Now, find the subscription you want to cancel and click Cancel Subscription.

We’re really sorry you’re leaving. Please give us a chance to make Waredot Software a better application by dropping a message to our Support Team.

If you’ve cancelled your subscription earlier, and now want to get back, you simply need to buy a new license on Waredot Store.

If you’ve cancelled your subscription earlier, and now want to get back, you simply need to buy a new license on Waredot Store.

The point is, when you cancel the subscription, Waredot software or RescueData continues providing all of its features and updates till the end of the current subscription period (the one you’ve already paid for). So, when the paid period ends, you just buy a new license.

If you purchased Waredot Software from the Waredot Store, go to the Waredot Subscription Manager and log in to it with the email you used to pay for the subscription. When you’re in, click Update Payment Method, choose either Card or the PayPal option and enter your new payment information.

If you have the App version, please update the card details in your Play Store or App Store account.

If you get messages like “transaction declined” or “invalid payment method” while paying for the subscription on the Waredot Store, please check your payment details.

If you still get some error, please contact us.

Usually, it happens if the currency of the subscription fee differs from the currency of your card. In this case, a conversion rate may affect the amount of your payment. Also, some banks additionally charge a currency conversion fee so you should check this scenario too.

If you’re sure that your case has nothing to do with the conversion issue, please contact us.

The application could be used on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP.

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