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Secure your online presence with confidence

Waredot Total Security offers premium security to safeguard your PC against anti-phishing & ransomware. Get a secure online banking experience & parental control all in one solution.

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Available on: Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and XP

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Go online & stay private

Waredot constantly works to improve your privacy, pc performance & protection against hackers & malicious threats. Be safe with us!

Advance threat shield

Waredot advanced defensive HIPs technology closely watches for malicious activities in your software application & immediately performs its duty.

Multi-layer ransomware protection

Safeguard your pictures, videos, files & documents against ransomware encryption. Waredot stops trojan, worms, or spyware attacks instantly.

Speed up your device

Don’t let your PC speed affect your performance. Waredot uses the best optimizer to scan your system & find the most worthless garbage to clear out.

Driver update

Out-dated version software is prone to cyber-attacks. It quickly finds the glitches and bugs in your pc and fixes them to minimize threats.

Waredot VPN

Get a strong VPN to secure your device from anonymous attacks. Stay protected and stay healthy online against all the hackers and eavesdroppers.

Webcam protection

Waredot Total Security helps you to secure your privacy and protects you from unauthorized access to take control of your webcam.

Compare Waredot Security Features & Plans

Waredot Security can give you the best security features. Live your best connected life with our comprehensive range of security products. Safeguard your online privacy, secure your pc against threats, and keep them running at top performance.

New Waredot Total Security
  • Individual Get peace of mind with protection for 1 Device. $159.95/yr* 1 Device
New Waredot Total Security
  • Family Get peace of mind with protection for 5 Devices. $209.95/yr* 5 Devices

Web attack prevention

The web is a big world that is comprised of fruitful information and harmful viruses in disguise. And stay safe is very crucial and therefore Waredot Total Security uses its advanced filtering techniques to discover all the odd malware, viruses, and infected links to safeguard you against infection.

It uses its real-time scanning when you are online to keep a watchful eye on your go. It filters out all the website pages and its internet traffic to discover the possibilities of attack and threats so that you and your data remain safe.

Vulnerability access

Waredot Total Security scans your device and your entire system to look for spots and susceptibilities with a few clicks. It checks out outdated software versions, perilous PC settings, and security patches.

It furthermore looks for malicious activities in the connected devices and networks that may pose a threat of creating a situation of remote unauthorised access to steal your data or encrypt your valuables to threat & demand for ransoms.


Cyber threats have increased their percentages every year and therefore remaining safe is the utmost need of the hour. Waredot has understood this problem, and created its best detection procedures to recognize evil, malicious, and blacklisted websites against its up-to-date database.

It has a technology that automatically works and instantly blocks them on the spot to free your experience from all types of issues and problems that might rise on the way to your financial transaction.

Privacy firewall

Waredot Total Security works on every local and internet network just like a real-time security guard. It works constantly to check for safety precautions & to keep your data safe from anonymous hackers and spyware.

It detects the probability of threats and blocks unauthorized inbound and outbound connection before any mishappening take lodging.

Safe online banking

The Internet has made so much of opportunities and has improved the lives of people through online shopping, making bank transactions, and many more, right sitting at the ease of one’s convenience. Waredot Total Security offers automatic filling of passwords, debit cards, and credit card details to prevent fraudulence. It also blocks the taking of screenshots to add an extra layer of protection.

It eventually proffers the use of a virtual keyboard to prevent hackers and spyware to capture keystrokes.

Parental control

The online presence of children has gradually increased and so are the posing threats. Parents concerned about their children can now best preserve their children's innocence and safety with waredot Total Security. Have control over your child’s activities, block unnecessary websites, limit screen time, and get their location history.

This also helps to protect children’s personal information, personal bullying, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some faqs that may rise in your mind are listed here.

Waredot Total Security is a complete suite of security for your Windows PC. It is not only protect your PC on real-time but even prevents network threat, advance threat, web attack, anti-phishing, anti-fraud, anti-spam and even ransomware attack.
It even covers the performance and privacy of your PC.
Yes, Once you install Waredot Total Security, then you can scan and remove/quarantine them.
Waredot Total Security is available for Windows PC and you can use it as many devices you want (as per your subscription you opt for)
When you are enrolled in auto-renew, 30 days before your subscription is scheduled to expire, the credit card on file for your account is automatically billed, and your subscription is extended for another year. If your auto-renewal has been disabled, you will receive a message 30 days before expiry to inform you that your license is about to expire. You can then choose to renew your license for another year or purchase an upgrade.
Yes Waredot Total Security covers VPN which is a part of the privacy features.

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Secure your online presence with confidence

Waredot Total Security offers premium security to safeguard your PC against anti-phishing & ransomware.

Technical Specifications

About Product

Version – 3.0.2339.0, Antivirus Bases -, Edition – Standard Antivirus, Language Supported – English, Release Date – May, 2021

System Requirements

Processor – 1 GHz or higher, RAM – 1 GB or more, Hard disk Space – 450 Mb, Operating system – Windows 7 (x32, x64) (SP1), Windows 8 (x32, x64), Windows 10 (x32, x64), Windows 11 (x32, x64), Screen resolution – 1024 x 768 or higher

*Important Subscription, Pricing and Offer Details

  • Your subscription begins when your purchase is completed (or otherwise, when your payment is received). You must download and install on each device, or complete enrollment to get the software. Special offer(s) may expire at any time at Waredot’s discretion.
  • By subscribing, you are purchasing a recurring subscription which will automatically renew. It is not applicable for One Time purchase plan.
  • The price quoted today is valid for the offered introductory term. After that, your subscription will be billed at the applicable monthly or annual renewal price for which you signed up. The price is subject to change, but we will always send you a notification email in advance.
  • You can cancel your subscription here, or by contacting Customer Services & Support at +1 (917) 540-1732. For more details, please visit the Refund Policy.
  • Your subscription may include product, service and/or software updates and features that may be added, modified or removed subject to the acceptance of the License and Services Agreement.
  • The number of supported devices allowed under your plan are primarily for personal or household use only. Not for commercial use. If you have issues adding a device, please contact Customer Services & Support.