Unable to Save Recovered Files. The software shows not enough space on the drive

After the scan, RescueData Recovery software displays the total number of recoverable files and folders along with their overall size. 

If you try to save the recovered data that weighs more than the space available on the destination drive, the software shows not enough space on drive message. 

Here are a few options that you can use to avoid the error message and save your recovered files.

1. Select & Recover

After the scan, uncheck all files and folders in the right Tree View pane. Then browse and mark the files that you want to recover. The size of marked files is displayed at the bottom-left corner of the software screen.

Make sure not to select files that weigh more than the free space available on the destination drive. 

For instance, if total recoverable data is 18GB, the destination drive should have more than (not equal to) 18GB empty storage space to accommodate the recovered files.

2. Empty the Storage Drive

If the destination drive already contains data, empty it by moving the data to a different PC or cloud. Alternatively, use a new storage media with enough storage space required to save recovered files. 

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