RescueData Recovery has stopped working! What to Do Now?

There could be several reasons related to system hardware, software, and connectivity that could stop ‘RescueData Recovery’ tool from working. Below are some tips and solutions that can help you avoid such issues with the software.

While saving the recovered data, always choose a different drive. Never save the recovered data on the same drive or partition to avoid data corruption and software crash

Unplug all non-essential USB devices connected to the system to avoid interference. E.g. printer, USB dongles, and other non-essential peripherals

Run the Software with ‘Administrator Rights’

Close all running applications to avoid conflicts. There may be a situation where the RescueData Recovery software is not able to access important files of the Operating system or the permissions required for recovery process due to conflicts between the apps for resources

Check for any loose connection between the storage drive and the system. Frequent disconnection causes RescueData Recovery to stop working

Ensure there’s enough storage space available on the destination drive or volume to accommodate recovered data. If space is less, use an external storage drive as a destination to save the recovered files.

If you are using a laptop to recover data from an external hard drive, plug-in the charger to ensure optimal flow of power supply to the hard disk. Usually, laptops on battery power are not able to supply enough current to the external hard drive that is required to spin the hard drive at full speed.

You can also perform selective recovery to overcome this problem. To perform selective recovery follow below steps:

  • From the main “Select What To Recover” screen select the available list of options
  • Follow the on screen recovery steps then. The software will only scan for the drive or files you had selected.

Apply these solutions and tips. Hopefully, these will help you execute a smooth data recovery with RescueData Recovery.

You can also get in touch with our Support Team for any help in regards to this issue.

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