Received “No Data Found” message after the scan? Here are a few possible reasons.

‘No Data Found’ message is a rare occurrence. However, the message may appear after the scan due to following possible reasons:

1. Admin Rights Issue

Running RescueData Recovery software without Admin Rights or as a Standard User prevents the software from executing elevated tasks required to scan the disk. Lack of Admin Rights also causes further errors such as software crash and system freeze due to insufficient control over disk usage.

Always run RescueData Recovery software with Admin Rights.

2.  Drive Encryption

‘No Data Found’ message may also appear if you are trying to recover data from an encrypted storage media device, encrypted by using tools such as BitLocker or proprietary tool provided by your drive manufacturer.

Decrypt (unlock) the encrypted storage media before using the RescueData Recovery software to scan and recover data.

3. Selected Wrong File Type 

Make sure you select right file type before running the data recovery scan. For instance, if you choose email or audio option from ‘Select what to recover’ screen but there are no such files existed or deleted from the system, the software with display ‘No Data Found’ message.

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