How to install Waredot Total Protection?

Follow the simple and effective way down below to install Waredot Total Protection in your PC:

1. Visit & click on security.

2. Select the Waredot total protection from the drop down.

3. Click on your preference (free/ subscribe) of your choice.

4. For subscription, fill the criteria displayed on the screen to initiate the process.

5. Or Double click on the free download. The file will get downloaded automatically.

6. On completion of the file download, double click on the file.

(on the basis of the browser that you are using, your downloading file will be located respectively on the bottom left of the screen of chrome, extreme top right side of safari browser & bottom right of the screen of Mozilla, internet explorer– the notification will be located on the bottom middle of the display, click on run. )

7. Answer to the prompts on your screen that will take permission to make changes on your PC. Click on   “yes”

8. Click on “yes” again to let the program to make changes on your PC.

9. Select the language you understand.

10. Select “next” to start the setup.

11. Again select “next” after reading the terms & conditions.

12. Select your location where you want the software to locate and click on “next”.

13. Make a selection of the additional task by clicking on the boxes & press “next”.

14. Hit on “install”

15. Hit on “finish”.

On installation, the ‘installation successful thank you page’ will be reflected on your screen. And the software will be opened for your use.

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