The software that spies –Spyware

Spyware loves eves dropping on your activities and checking out & gathering information in your computer.

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Spyware loves eves dropping on your activities and checking out & gathering information in your computer. It works at the back end and gives a remote control to the developer. It is more harmful than the viruses. It doesn’t have the ability to replicate but can take over your identity and your properties.

This is used by both the hackers and the policy maker –government to keep a watchful eye on you and serve their needs.

Hackers do so to get your essential password by recording all your keystrokes and remotely controlling the device to plate their feeds. While government uses advertisers to display more of ads and check your activities online.

Know more about the signs and alerts. Also check out the way to be safe and get rid of the spyware.

Types of spyware

There are many kinds of spyware like:

  • TrojanZlob: it spies and displays pop-ups on the screen which later mess up with your system.
  • Look2me: this kind of spyware make its work done on safe mode. When the user opens the computer it turns on the safe mode to do its work secretly.
  • Go keyboard: this kind of spyware are good at stealing information and are found in google play.
  • Finfisher: it is used by the government for making a check on online activities but unfortunately is also used by the cyber criminals.

Signs that shows a spyware attack

  • Lots of pop-ups displaying on your screen
  • The computer running slow
  • Any frequent downloads that is not done by you

Be alert and follow the preventions

  • do not press on pop up
  • do not visit websites that are not protected
  • do not download things from non-popular sites
  • do not click on unknown email attachments or links even on social media
  • be alert about the URL that is not wrongly spelled
  • use antivirus and ad blockers.

How to be safe & get rid of Spyware?

There are two ways to do so:

  • Follow the signs and be alert as discussed in the blog above.
  • Use a trustful antivirus software like Waredot Antivirus which is from a big company holding great reputation and efficiency. The software is good at guarding and inspecting the threats before it can affect your pc.

You can also download other softwares but keep a watchful eye and make sure that the software is not a malware itself.

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