Waredot Security

Be threat free with Waredot security

We pledge to keep your cyber world secured with our best technology. Get the shelter under safe arms that will defeat all the harms created by the cyber criminals to give you your space.

Waredot Antivirus

All that you need to fight the PC viruses

Waredot antivirus stops all the viruses to attack you to create their gains. It acts like a shield and uses variety of technological analyses to detect and block the threats that it might smell. It comes up with lots of features like filtering of emails to get rid of spams, stops transmission of any virus through removable devices and more.

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Waredot Security can give you the best security features. Live your best connected life with our comprehensive range of security products. Safeguard your online privacy, secure your pc against threats, and keep them running at top performance.

Waredot Total Protection

Prevention against internet threats.

Keep your life over internet protected by stopping the activities like spamming, phishing. Get the best features like file shredder to get rid of highly sensitive documents. This ensures a total creation of a meaning less content and then deleting it from the hard drive. This makes a double protection against the recovery of its being. Waredot total protection also provides firewall to take a look and manage the traffic over the network.

Waredot Ultimate

Get the extreme safety that you seek for

It is a collection of safety measures and technologies which can fight the updated viruses, malwares, Trojan, spamming, phishing and more. It saves the children from being exposed to knowledge that their parents don’t want them to know. It thus offers parental control, monitoring and managing through blocking of their activities on their device. It also offers high quality identity protection with process and startup manager.

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