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Cleanbyt 21.0

Now dust out the problems out of your PC, accelerate your speed, custom-clean, disk analyze and many more with safety & privacy protection.

1 PC

its for yearly plan.

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Available on: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and XP

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Cleanbyt is an army of solutions that accelerates your pc’s speed by cleaning all the unwanted files, software, applications

Making it smoother for working and have a wonderful access. Cleanbyt knows the importance of software update and never delays in updating them, thereby reducing all kinds of risk that it may carry. The feature works automatically at the background without creating any kind of interruption or delay in your work.
Cleanbyt offers one or more than one scanning of your system, browser, hard-drive etc. You can select as per your convenience and time and remove the useless, to access the best possible PC condition.

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Why is my computer running slow?

How can I fix slow computer?

You don’t have to resort to a brand new computer or hardware. There’s a lot you can do before reaching this stage. Cleanbyt can help you understand what things really slow down your computer and how to solve them.

How do I check performance issues in Windows 10?

Changes in the performance of Windows can creep up on you suddenly until you start noticing there’s a difference. Cleanbyt has some great features that can help you diagnose and resolve performance issues.

How do I make my Windows faster?

Windows, especially Windows 10, is equipped with tools and features to help boost your computer speed. Cleanbyt takes PC maintenance a step further by helping with issues like full hard drives, junk files, and rarely used apps that slow down system startup.

How can I speed up my PC?

A PC’s speed partly depends on hardware, specifically its central-processing unit (CPU), random-access memory and so on, but did you know that you can also easily speed it up by doing things like cleaning junk files and optimizing storage?.

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Accelerate the speed of your phone by making space on your device, with the world’s most trusted app Cleanbyt by Waredot.

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