Proactive technology of protection will defend your PC from malicious software and scams.

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Clean up, speed up, update and get your PC fix with our advanced PC performance software.

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Dont loose your precious data! Recover all deleted or lost data from any Windows computer.

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Waredot Antivirus

Security is what that matters

Get the best guard for your device that keeps you safe from all the unconditioned threats. The email filters, usb protection, HIPs behavior analysis all in one software. Stay protected by taking precautions to block the hackers, malwares, spyware, Trojan and many more attacks.

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Waredot Ultimate

Get the control over your children, safeguard your identity and work.

The word Ultimate itself is a self-explanation. It protects your children by giving you access over their internet activities, gives the benefits of controlling software and process management. Understand and work well by boosting your PC speed through startup manager. Secure your activities online without leaving trace of your work.

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Keep your apps updated

Updrivers provide the most convenient DIY update with the facility of fast automatic real time scanning and installing. It removes the risk of attacks and slowing down of devices. Updrivers suggest the best pre-checked application for the user downloads. Stay away from problems like hardware, crashing. Boost your browsing experience and safe-tested installing with Updrivers.

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One destination for all the tools you need

Scandie is a summation of all your activities by providing the tools to work at one place. Focus what you are doing without the need of switching apps. Get effectual scanning, email sharing, chose any printer & preview before printing, merging downloads, and easy pdf conversion. Also know the printer history!

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Waredot One

Every solution is in one subscription

Life is big so as the problems and needs. Therefore enjoy your life with Waredot One. Get all the solution for ultimate security, enjoy the updated latest version software, rescue your data that is lost and make your printing world simplest. All under one subscription .

Save more and get more with Waredot One.

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Stay Up To Date With The Latest Cybersecurity Insights

How to Scan PC for Virus Online

It’s good to scan your PC for viruses on a routine basis. It helps you to detect, protect and remove the virus online. Most scanning software for pc comes in one package, they will let you know the virus place, and they detect the virus and remove the virus online.
If you’re pc infected with the pc already or you’re unable to download and install the scanner program on your system, you can scan your pc for viruses online as well. Scanning pc for viruses can prevent you from downloading the software on the system and it’s like hassle-free scanning of viruses online.
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How to get rid of a virus

Is your computer is hanging up so much? Your computer may
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How to Scan a File for Viruses

Scanning a file for viruses
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How to Make a Secure Password

Create secure password
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At the end of the day, our goals are simple: online security, privacy, recovery and performance

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Waredot software is available and used by users worldwide

Our advanced cyber security solutions use business-class protection to secure millions of home users’ PCs and mobile devices against the latest worldwide cyber threats.

Reliable and secure protection against threats

Waredot Security protects your PC from viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malicious programs.
The basis of data protection against all types of malicious software is built on the use of the actual virus database, containing over 15 million malware's signatures and advanced module of proactive protection.
This module is the core of the entire security system, which is based on the basis of Waredot! Internet Security product. A unique feature of this module is modern virus signature database that is updated every day. It should be noted that such data do not overload neither server nor local PC, as the database is optimized and modernized. Thus, work with it does not affect the computer's performance and does not lead to hanging or slowing down of PC.

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